Venus Retrograde and Finding Remedies During It

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In my experience, retrograde periods are a lot about revisiting the past. Emotionally and sometimes in this physical reality as well.

So how this might look like is evaluating in the past in Your mind. And if Venus is the planet that is in retrograde motion, then evaluating and revisiting past relationships. Or issues with money. Just to name a few.

In the physical realm, this might look like bumping into an old lover or being contacted by them. Or even contacting them Yourself. The energy is very strong so You can do weird stuff during this period. Things You thought You would never do!

After becoming aware of these influences and energies in my life I felt quite powerless.

I thought what could a person like me do when the planets start turning in the sky?…

The good thing about asking questions is they usually lead to answers.

After taking a couple of workshops with Nikola Stojanovic on I learned more about planetary rulerships. And that each thing in our reality has the energy of something. Or in the words of astrology, rules something.

In this case, we are talking about Venus.

Venus rules or has the energy of many things in our reality.

The biggest and most popular are probably women and money. But also music and food. Among many others.

So how is this important during retrograde periods?

Retrograde periods are in my observations and experience periods of heightened energy.

In other words, this means that everything that has the energy of (in this case) Venus, will become more prevalent in our reality. It will be in our faces.

Emotionally and physically.

This can at times be really tough.

Raise Your hand if You want to constantly reassess old relationships?

Me neither.

Or if You would like a break from rebudgeting Your finances? That can also be a theme during Venus retrograde.

Obviously, it can be more extreme than that but for the sake of simplicity, let us focus on the topics of money and relationships.

So how to use or channel the energy of the planet Venus during retrograde periods?

Venus rules music and retrogrades are about visiting the past. So one thing that has proven very good for me is listening to old music.

Just remember this, the music has to be old for You. Something that seems old or that You used to listen to years back. A very good way of channeling retrograde Venus energy.

Another way to put that energy into good use is eating or making foods You used to enjoy. Or have not eaten or made in a while. A superb way to use this difficult energy.

The whole point of this is to find something Venusian and then combine it with something old.

This year Venus is going retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on the 6th of October. So buckle up and start listening to old music that You enjoy!

It will come out of the retrograde motion on November 16th. Expect a somewhat difficult time until then in all areas ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus.

Ian Altosaar

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