Mercury Retrograde 2022 in Libra and Virgo Predictions For All the Zodiac Signs

Mercury retrograde during fall of 2022 is happening in two signs, Libra and Virgo. The official period is from the 9th of September to 2nd of October. But with the shadow periods, 3-weeks and 3 weeks after, the timeframe for the retrograde is a long one. The first part of the retrograde period, we will … Read more

Uranus Retrograde 2022 Predictions For All the Zodiac Signs

Uranus retrograde 2022 period Almost all the planets need some Gatorade currently… If things get any worse and nobody gives them any other sports drink, Gatorade will have a monopoly on all the planets. To make things worse, the planet of truth, shocks, sudden surprises, lightning!, networks, systems, supply lines, and friends, followers is going … Read more

Jupiter Retrograde 2022! Initiating Your luck and abundance. Predictions for all the signs!

Jupiter Retrograde 2022 in Aries and Pisces The giant bringer of healing, wisdom, knowledge, intuition, luck, abundance, good things, and wealth, Jupiter is going retrograde! From July 2022 (28th) until the end of November 2022 (25th of November). When Saturn needs and requires Your personal efforts, (and a lot of them!) Jupiter is one of … Read more

✨From control to freedom! June 2022 Astro!✨#superfullmoon #saturnretrograde #mundaneastrology

In this monthly astrological overview of the month of June, 2022: Narcissists vs empaths = how to protect Yourself and fight back? Saturn retrograde = about restrictions, interest rates, and working towards Your dreams gradually. Neptune retrograde = illusions we pull over our heads. Full Moon in Sagittarius = into addiction or healing? The choices … Read more

✨May 2022 Astrology✨Relational/Material Reshuffling + Emotional & Spiritual Catharsis!!!✨ #may2022

In this monthly and fully packed astrological extravaganza by the world famous duo Dliam: Intro & Reflections on April Energies Mercury Retrograde in Taurus/Gemini Jupiter Ingress Into Aries Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse Square Saturn Gemini New Moon on Fixed Star Aldebaran Outro & Parting Words Ian Altosaar The Freedom Astrologer Link to purchase a webinar … Read more

Weekly Astrological and Intuitive overview — February 1–6, 2022

My weekly astrological and intuitive reviews are back. I’m going to do more of these and cover the energetic influences of the ongoing week. Mercury and planets going direct. Moon through the signs, aspects, and much more! Tune in weekly! Ian Altosaar Link to purchase a webinar with me: Get my book here : For … Read more

✨ February Astrology ✨ Opportunities & Manifestation in Full Swing! ✨ #aquariusnewmoon #leofullmoon

And WE’RE BAAAACKK! The world-famous astrological duo Dliam is back with a vengeance! We sat down and dissected the month of February like never before. The following topics are discussed in the video: How I had fights with my fiancé and almost broke up. And how we went deep and decided to transform our relationship … Read more

Misconceptions in modern astrology and Mercury retrograde. How to make the best of this misunderstood period?

Image by code404 from Pixabay In modern astrology, Mercury retrograde is handled quite plainly. Meaning, it is mostly considered an annoying occurrence that creates havoc and problems for us down here on earth. I’m generalizing and aware of this but this is the mainstream understanding of it. And although true to some extent, this requires much deeper analysis … Read more

MARS Retrograde 2020! Time To Bring Out The Inner WARRIOR!

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay Although, most people are hoping for quick correction and “getting back to normal” one of the most intense periods (I know it’s been super intense, how can it get even crazier? I will tell You that in a second) is just around the corner. The planet of war, aggression, and violence (among other … Read more

VENUS Retrograde 2020! General Overview And PERSONAL Predictions!

In this article, I will describe the upcoming Venus retrograde period and how it will affect us globally. This time the actual period is from the 13th of May, until the 17th of June. It is important to mention here that each retrograde has a shadow period. This means the influence is already strong two … Read more