We Are

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We are all fighting something, somewhere
Fighting to stay alive
Or fighting to get up in the morning
These are very different fights
But we all have something inherently in common
We Are all Human
It’s during hectic times like these in the world we and I tend to forget that
A lot of fear, anger, different perspectives in the world
And it’s probably going to be okay
We will find a way to agree in our disagreements
We will find a way to communicate
Either through language
Or feeling
Or maybe something entirely new
One thing to keep in mind in all of this
We are all human
And that actually makes us the same
Not in some fluffy spiritual way (although that way too)
This does not mean we have to agree on everything
Or think the same way
But keeping this in mind
Will take us through
The transition period
Where we still identify ourselves with our pain or happiness
Where we learn to communicate with each other with respect and reverence
While honoring our feelings, emotions and thinking clearly
All at the same time
A good time to remember that we have this huge capacity within us
To create
To love
To think
To grow
To feel
To see
And evolve as humans

Ian Altosaar

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