Weekly Astrological and Intuitive overview – February 27 – March 6, 2022

With the build up of the triple conjunction of Mars, Venus, and Pluto, as well as the harder conjunction between Saturn and Mercury, things can seem quite bleak at the beginning of the week.

Fear on the markets, fear on the streets = fear in our minds.

The tension in our relationships (business and/or pleasure) is palpable and if You want, You can cut it with a knife.

The looming New Moon in Pisces does promise more optimistic and positive outcomes to certain situations in the world in the coming next two weeks. But before the optimism, we need to release and heal matters from our subconsciousness.

End of the week, we will receive a much awaited boost of confidence with the conjunction of Jupiter and Sun (which to some extent can be felt earlier). Our spirits and outlook for the future will benefit from this at least momentarily.

Wishing You a grounded release into the unknown of the future with a hint of optimism.

Ian Altosaar

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