What do I do?

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When it’s crawling under You skin?
What do I do?
The yearning so deep You can’t fight it anymore
What do I do?
It touches everything inside of You, every pore, every cell. You can’t almost feel it because it’s so overwhelming
What do I do?
You’re wild from desire, from the longing
What do I do?
You’re desperate and lonely, sad and disappointed
What do I do?
Nothing can take it away from You, it’s still there
What do I do?
You are fighting it, using every trick in the book
What do I do?
If everything else fails, will You surrender?
Will I?
Surrendering everything I hold on to
The fighting stops, I just catch You
You can surrender now

Into me

 Into You

It’s safe

With love,

Ian Altosaar

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