The sound of Your voice

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Wrapped around You
I find Myself again
Hearing Your voice warms my heart
The glow stays with me for a while
It’s tenderly firm and playful
Makes me giggle like a little boy
Almost my unreachable toy
I want to ruin it, ruin the fun of it
Just that moment brings me joy
It’s not the burning of the loins
It’s much more than that
It’s pure appreciation what I have for Your voice
Like the glow from a lake at sunrise
I find new meaning and beauty
The allure of it is paralyzingly stunning
I stand in it, catch it with my whole being
It runs through me, sweet like liquid honey
Loving and warm, like a thunderstorm
On a hot summer day, I drink it in
I’m being greedy
I just want to let it be, in it’s soft glory
As this dance, subtle romance is enhanced
With a warm glance that lasts
Until it’s time for it to pass

Ian Altosaar

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