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We are meant to go in the direction of our wounds on occasion. This will open up more doors and shine light on to them. The results might be so and so, no one exactly knows. The thing to keep in mind here is to understand balance. Sometimes the pain gets so big we can’t go on. Hopefully even before that we have the understanding and wisdom to stop, take a break and give ourselves whatever we deem necessary.

After that we can go on again. This journey of the self is about wholeness, it’s about our spiritual, emotional and physical wholeness. Moving towards oneness. And one other thing, if it weren’t for our wounds, most of us would not do anything. That’s not bad or good or to even say that we need to do something, no.

It’s an observation from a man who knows what it means to be extremely sensitive, emotional and being born into a world where that’s not welcome.

Lets welcome ourselves into this world, so we are capable of welcoming others with their own uniqueness as well.

Ian Altosaar

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