Your Skin Is Dark

Your skin is dark
It’s been around the block a couple of times
There’s nothing spectacular about it
Which makes it spectacular
I feel like a kid when I’m around it
I want to make it mine
Shine, hide, vile
I want to explore the little intricacies
Scars, moles, beauty flaws
In a magical way they’re not even flaws
They speak to the fact that You’ve lived
They make You wise
Full of life
All that aside
It’s real
It’s healed and unhealed
Concealed grace
A salty taste
Perfectly staged
Even around Your waist
I breathe it in
All of it
There’s loads of it
Have You forgotten it Yourself?
Fall in love with it once more
If only for a short while
Caress it
Run Your fingers on it
I’ll help You
Until You purr and let out a sigh of relief
I feel like a thief
Between the sheets
Is where I’d like to keep
This desire that runs so deep


Ian Altosaar

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