A Deeper Commitment

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Tallinn.

One of the strongest commitments to make
Is the one we make to oneself
This is the only true commitment we can actually make during this lifetime
After making these commitments
You really have to look at Yourself
Because this type of powerful energy sent into consciousness has it’s repercussions
Are You a man or woman of Your word?
Can You keep a promise?
Is it truth that You speak?
The commitments made are actually binding
Not to some magical chord
Rather the inner experience we carry with us each moment and each day
Can either be enhanced by the choices and commitments
Or it can suffer greatly
Here the question we must ask is
What’s true for us in this moment?
Or which are the commitments I still hold dear, here and now?
These might change over time
As consciousness evolves, so do the commitments it requires to continue it’s growth
We are ever expanding and ever growing consciousness that needs these commitments
Otherwise we are just ignorant, happy go lucky fools, who “happened” to be born on this planet
And using our intelligence to mind fuck us into our ever deepening stupidity
It is quite strange to me that the more we are able to develop our minds and thinking
The more we choose this to bypass what we really want or even what we were really born here to do
To grow and enhance consciousness, to explore deeper wisdom and meaning
That like us, is always growing and evolving
It is the nature of this existence in this current moment in time
It yearns for completion from the ignorance of mankind
It desires freedom from the prison we have built for ourselves
It actually always has had this want
But it’s only now some of us are beginning to listen to the pull
Interestingly this cannot be stopped
This desire was built into this experience
So we can either move with it
Or be torn into pieces seemingly against our will
The torn into pieces part will happen regardless
Because this cycle of finding wholeness first needs us to be broken from the false identities we still hold on to
So that we are able to become more whole
As a species, as a society, as individuals
If there is a desire, there is a way
The movement of forces has begun
This will have it’s completion one day as well
Nothing will remain of this
Only particles of nothingness
So I ask of You
Do You want freedom?
Or what is Your greatest desire?

Ian Altosaar

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