Knowing Nothing and Everything

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I’ve been thinking lately…

What if I forgot all the spiritual and not spiritual wisdom I’ve accumulated over the years, what would happen?

How would I make my decisions then? How would I approach situations then?

The problem with knowledge and wisdom gotten from the outside is that it’s actually someone else’s experience. It’s how they would have approached those moments. Or did approach those situations.

We even have a saying in Estonia. The one who is smart learns from his mistakes, the one who is really smart, learns from other people’s mistakes. And it’s actually a very good saying, tremendous amount of truth in it.

But what if we knew better for ourselves?

What if we knew better? What if we knew something for ourselves that no spiritual (or not spiritual) teacher knows?

Imagine that.

Can we approach each situation from a clean slate? All the pain or happiness forgotten that has brought us this far?

Can we sing songs differently? Different from how they are supposed to be sung? Can we make love each time anew? Even if the lovers have known each other for years?

Why do this You might ask?

Because we all have this vast amount of knowledge within us. We actually know what to do in the moment, when the moment arises. And approaching certain situations from a place of dogma can sometimes be really detrimental (or it can lead to a feeling/thought of being stuck.) Unfortunately I’ve had to learn this the hard way. And we don’t need anybody to tell us what to do or how to think. The clever paradox of this situation is that You actually don’t need me to tell You this. But I’m selfish and want the attention so here You go. You are welcome by the way.

Or another reason to do it would be to bring a sense of wonder back to this experience. Or You just might be bored. You can take Your pick.

So I’m asking myself this question very often lately. What if I knew nothing, what would I do then?

Ian Altosaar

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