A Good Death

Image source: Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-and-black-moon-with-black-skies-and-body-of-water-photography-during-night-time-748626/

Sometimes has a gripping effect on the mind
Body and soul
As if it is nature’s way of telling us
Hey, not so fast, there’s a certain depth You need to go through first
Becoming present with it
Is a very good first step in many
Although it might take some time
Taking action soon follows suit
In the midst of it all
You might need a call from deep within
Or from a caring friend
To remind You
This is all about to end
Just a step away from death
In each moment there is a chance for a good death
Let’s make it so

Ian Altosaar

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