12 degrees in Astrology with special examples

I’ve written about the negative and special meanings of degrees before here (15 degrees), here (18 degrees) and here (22 degrees). And all of that darkness got a tad much for a moment. In this article, I will share some knowledge about the 12 degrees in astrology and a unique meaning that only a few people know about the degree!

I will also add real-life examples of people with the 12 degrees so You can see how it truly works in the real world.

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The meaning of 12 degrees in Astrology

Think of astrological degrees in terms of a type of communication happening between the natal chart (person and/or event) and the cosmos.

According to the degree theory from the late and great Nikola Stojanovic, 12 degrees is the degree of Pisces.

What does Pisces mean or represent? (Similar to Neptune.)

  • Losses, losing.
  • Luck out of the blue.
  • Detachment.
  • Charity.
  • A veil is being pulled over one’s head.
  • Mystical and spiritual experiences.
  • Lies, scams, and deceit. Being confused and secrets.
  • Mental illness. Being out of this reality.
  • Drugs, alcohol, medicine, potions, perfume, and criminal activities.
  • Jails, hospitals, spas, islands, hotels, mental institutions, and remote locations far away.
  • Far away lands and foreigners.
  • Healers, nurses, doctors, spiritual healers, psychics, artists, musicians, painters, massage therapists, spa workers, people working in remote locations, people working behind the scenes, and criminals.
  • Purple, ocean blue and darker green colours.

Among other things.

The special meaning of 12 degrees in Astrology

If I had to put a gender on 12 degrees it would be more feminine.

The late Nikola Stojanovic assigned a unique meaning to the 12 degrees in his webinar but only if the 12 degrees is in the sign of Capricorn.

12 degrees in the sign of Capricorn means great wealth.

Thankfully, it’s a milder meaning to a degree than “kill or be killed”.

Proof that the 12 degrees means great wealth

Before You start counting imaginative money after discovering the 12 degrees in Capricorn in Your chart let’s see if the theory has some validity!

Mark Zuckerberg

I don’t have the exact birth data but looking at outer planets, it still works.

Zuck has his Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn and at 12 degrees. This is quite an exact match.

Jupiter is also associated with abundance, money, wealth, luck, etc.

And at the time of writing this article (31.10.2022), Mark Zuckerberg is worth 38.1 billion USD. I would say that qualifies as great wealth!

Scarlett Johansson

That 1984 New York area sure did produce some great wealth with that sweet Jupiter at 12 degrees in Capricorn.

The beloved actress (and now entrepreneur) also has Jupiter at 12 degrees (similar to Zuckerberg) in Capricorn and she sure has tasted the benefits of that configuration!

Her estimated net worth at the time of writing this article (31.10.2022), is a humongous 165 million USD. Not as much as “Zucks” but still enough to qualify as “great wealth”. Wouldn’t You agree?

But what about some of the other planets associated with money? Like Venus?

Miley Cyrus

Venus is firmly at 12 degrees in Capricorn in Miley’s natal chart!

The once Disney darling Miley Cyrus might not have the best of luck with relationships in her life with that Venus in Capricorn but I must say, great wealth indeed!

At the time of writing this article (31.10.2022), her net worth is around 160 million USD. Lagging slightly behind Scarlett but I believe she will manage.

Even Venus at 12 degrees of Capricorn can bring a substantial fortune to the native!

No exact birth data for Irina Shayk, the supermodel but for our purposes it works.

With a modest net worth of 25 million USD, the supermodel is the lowest number on our list so far.


I believe sitting with a 25 million USD net worth qualifies her for the 12 degrees in Capricorn is the great wealth degree.

So far so good.

But I also wanted to bring in Pluto.

Combining Pluto and the 12 degrees in Capricorn I should be able to get the best examples because Pluto is also “too much money”.

But remember, Pluto is a generational planet.

Which means that it changes signs rarely. And the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 1700s. And it again entered Capricorn 2008.

This means that the examples I can use are either long-dead or really young. And people born around the end of 2014 have a high potential of achieving “great wealth” in the future.

Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco

This 7-year-old hereditary prince has Pluto at 12 degrees.

I know what You must be thinking, Jacques is only 7 years old, what can he be worth materially or net worth-wise?

Well, not much but he is the hereditary prince. This means, when his papa, who is worth around 1 billion USD, finally takes his leave from the planet, young Jacques will have the “great wealth” that Pluto at 12 degrees of Capricorn promises.

Fingers crossed for Jacques and that the 12 degrees pans out this time as well! But he must already have a taste of what the 12 degrees truly means…Great wealth.

Summary of the 12 degrees in Astrology

I know what some of You more clever ones might be thinking, “Why aren’t You looking are people’s charts who lived lives of extreme poverty?”

There’s only one reason, it is much harder to find these charts! So far in my practice of Astrology and working with clients, I haven’t yet personally come across anyone who had financial problems but they also had planets at 12 degrees of Capricorn.

So far the proof is there that the 12 degrees in Capricorn really has something to do with bringing “great wealth” to the native whose chart it blesses!

Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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    • Hey, the same still applies that is written in this article. Jupiter in Capricorn is usually wealth from more traditional sources – corporate careers, business. Or sometimes teaching something.

    • So far in my research I haven’t made the observation or connection that 12 degrees in Leo is also associated with “great wealth”.


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