A Journey Through

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/agriculture-barley-field-beautiful-close-up-207247/

When You rise
From the depth of Your unknowing
Nothing can keep You on Your knees but life
Life in all of its beauty and delicate fierceness
Letting go becomes much easier
Commitment stronger
The pain of what once was can still cripple You for a moment in time
But You have the keys to Your inner knowing
Now the places inside of You seem more welcoming
When the times come knocking
You are always guided by the difficult knowing
That You might not know
And the minute that You think You do know
The sweet pain of existence has You by the neck
Into the darkest of abysses, You must fall once more
Drop down to earth’s core
Where the rebuilding process can commence
You will rise and fall
Stand tall and small
Call upon God without knowing if he will answer
Until the answers become so clear
The conversation between You two becomes ever present
The manna from the heavens greets You at Your doorstep
And peace and inner wisdom
Run rampant, freely
Through Your Kingdom

Ian Altosaar

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