Shadows Part 2

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If my shadows could only be something
To remember
Instead, I’m running circles around them
What do I got to lose?
With everything to gain
A lighter outlook on life
Rather than disdain
Are they just growing pains into something greater than yesterday?
I don’t know
I can only hope so
Sometimes surrendering to life itself
Can bring the answers

If the shadows could talk
What would the really say?
They see everything
They stick with You forever
Can it be?
That they see it differently?

If only there were two or more
That sought after this guidance and wisdom
How much more simple life would be?
With each knowing, we plant a tree
Nourishing it should be Your ABC
That tree will once fall down
And new seeds will be planted
Their chance for life granted
Depends on You, young warlock
It is for You and for You alone to decide
How will they grow?

Ian Altosaar

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