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I was awake but I could sense You were asleep
You had Your back turned towards me
I could hear You breathing, it was quiet
I can still remember Your smell
It was sweet and soft, creamy
It felt like home
And away (All the pun intended)
I used the bathroom
You were still asleep but I could see You twisting and turning already
I recall how Your eyes were when You slept
Gentle, like a baby. Pause. Pain in My chest
When I relive that sweet, brief second of our time together
You were like a delicate flower , super cheesy I know, tender and fragile
I almost didn’t want to wake You
But I always did
I came back to bed
You crawled slowly on my chest
I loved that
Felt like the place I wanted to be at, warm and fuzzy
You were deliberately pouting, You know I loved that as well
Your eyes closed and Your lips bulging
Felt like a strong man
Our lips met, gently at first
That quickly changed
Desire was always blazing between us
And when You took a shower after, I loved watching You before I joined
I enjoyed doing other mischief also…
But just adoring You while You cleaned Yourself from the mess we made earlier
It was like appreciating art, magnificent art
You were almost in slow motion, at least now I look back at it that way
And now I give My deep and heartfelt thank You
As I mourn the death of that perfect morning



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