A story of unpopular decisions + astrology for 2022, 2023

The Bull market

It was 2021, autumn.

Early autumn.

Everyone was going crazy. Higher valuations, higher prices.

“Buy now or regret it later!”

“Your chance of generational wealth is now. If You miss it, You will be poor forever!”

“Crypto is only going up! Price target 1000000!”


I was looking at the astrology coming in the next months.

It didn’t look pretty.

Although afraid that I was making a wrong decision, I sold every crypto I had + the mining rigs that I had used for about 4 years to that point. (By late October and early November 2021 I had sold 99% of it).

If You work in tech, You probably know that usually the physical equipment ages really quickly.

But also close to the top = I was able to sell my mining equipment for pound for pound to the EUR I bought it for 4 years earlier.

(Didn’t sell the absolute top. One thing becomes clear very quickly in the markets, the goal is to make money, not to hit exact tops or bottoms.)

Insane. Crazy. Almost never happens.

I almost felt guilty. But this is capitalism.

We can’t all win in capitalism

In capitalism there’s no “we all win together”. At some point the chair or rug will be pulled, and most will lose. And a small percentage will win.

The sooner we realize this together = the better.

But until then, let’s compete. Everything else is an illusion or wishful thinking in capitalism. It’s all a competition towards more resources and power.

I know spiritual people want to live in fairy lands and ignore the reality or truth of what is going on, but this is what is happening in the streets of life currently in our society. Look past Your wishful thinking here.

The people I was selling the equipment to were in the crypto gold rush craze. The markets were green and the % of profit were making them blind to what was about to come.

For some of them it was their first bull market. I could see it in their eyes. Excited, naive.

“Crypto and the markets only go up!”

I had already been on the rodeo during 2017. I didn’t have much in it but still, the shocking downturn and the abruptness of it was enough for me to come back down to earth.

I knew the markets don’t only go up.

But this is what the people with more resources do in the markets. They make it seem like they only go up (during the bubbles) for You to give them Your money. And when the markets are down they spread fear for You not to enter yet.

Some “great” marketing

And add a little “Your chance to make generational wealth. Don’t miss it and be a p*ssy” type marketing (+ low interest rates, quantitative easing) = and You have quite the bubble on Your hands.

The worst marketing I saw during this bubble was something to do with Lamborghinis, wife/girlfriend and some other people having sex with them. (If You don’t invest the money or buy the crypto. Who is not going to do it then…?)

The marketing, social media of this day and age just add more fuel to the fire.

But at this time, early and middle of autumn, everything was still going up, so it seemed that I was the dumbest one in the markets.

Not so peachy anymore.

I had the first glimpse that my calculations were at least partly right.

At this time, I was also doing more research into 2022. The year seemed one of the worst years in a long time.

I mentioned conflict, aggression, violence in my yearly review. Economic difficulty and it being the low end of a cycle.

And for the critics = I didn’t know that the war was going to happen in Ukraine. I just knew more conflict (including war) was an extremely high probability.

What is coming? Interest rates, markets

Also, the market crashes, raising of the rates (or the coming raising of the rates which is regulation and control), prices going higher, problems with supply-lines = a high probability. Saturn doing it’s thing in Aquarius and in a square to Uranus.

After the first crashes everything seemed to go back to normal. The influencers were back and shouting for new highs.

I wasn’t having it at all knowing what I knew at the time. (Ok, slight doubt was still in my mind, are You sure about the astrology here?)

Seeing everything play out in the coming months = I was convinced that the astrology is right.

Luckily my partner agreed, we sold everything we had with a mortgage or leased (car and apartment) for 100% profits and checked out.

Moved to a remote island, reduced our spending, and bought a much cheaper place.

And now the rates are going up. Both the FED and ECB (European Central Bank) are going to raise the rates.

It’s not an amazing time to have loans or mortgages = the payments of these will rise. (Unless You have fixed rates.)

The food prices for now are going to continue to rise. As well as electricity. I don’t see this stabilizing before 2023. And if I’m really looking, most likely it will start to stabilize around 2023 March-June.

The virus situation is not done yet. Already new pandemics rising, and even the old one isn’t solved yet.

And most importantly, there’s now going back to normal. It’s gone. Done. It will no longer exist.

But for now, the themes will continue. At least until the dates I mentioned.

Blind hope will not help here, practical actions and decisions need to be made. For some it’s already too late. For others = You still have an opportunity.

Keep in mind these key points when making these decisions:

  • The rates will rise = if You have mortgages, loans that don’t have fixed rates Your expenses are going up
  • Food and goods shortages will continue, prices will rise or be high
  • Gasoline and electricity prices will continue to be high
  • Problems with getting some goods = if You have a company that is dependent on some goods coming in from other countries, high probability that You will have problems with meeting deadlines

An exercise in how to manage our resources (personal and global) much better is in the cards.

There is something to be said about the retrogrades that are taking place during the summer until autumn 2022. Especially Saturn that is going to be retrograde from the 4th of June until October 23rd 2022.

Saturn will bring it’s hard hammer and go even harder now before the start of the retrograde.

More tightening, more news of interest rate hikes, higher prices, problems with supply lines, etc.

But a potential during the summer for some things to settle down momentarily:

  • It’s warmer = so the electricity prices will not affect as much. If there’s less demand = prices can go down. Even if it is just a little.
  • Lot of places and people are growing their own food = will not be so much affected by the prices. When there’s more supply = it will drive the prices down somewhat.
  • We have the North node in Taurus making a conjunction to Uranus late July = a lot of people will turn to natural resources, growing food, natural systems of growing food and doing it together. Downside is higher prices of electricity at the same time. A real peak can happen here.
  • Less restrictions from the virus situation.
  • For a moment it seems the tightening will not be so severe = people will have to face the music during autumn 2022 where the real tightening will happen. Raising rates and more problems with the virus, conflict, supply-lines, etc. All the matters I have mentioned already in this newsletter.

We will also look more deeply and not only look, but a lot of money will also be poured into natural ways of creating energy. Renewable energies will be on the rise and in focus.

Some people will want to create as much separation and liberation from the mainstream systems, or dare I say, go towards freedom.

A trend that will continue for at least the next 19 years.

Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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