“You are WRONG!” How to stand firm in Your truth?

„You are wrong! I didn’t want this! Who are You to tell me what I’m feeling?!“

She was agitated at best, starting to get completely off the rails. I could see and feel that in her energy as well.

„I don’t want anybody controlling my feelings, emotions, and the things that I’m thinking about!“

By this moment I was certain that my intuition/feeling/knowing was right or correct because my desire or intention was none of those things.

I just wanted her to get the things she desired in life.

But I was now standing in front of her, half-naked, in the middle of my morning routine. Doing my best to understand what had gone wrong.

„I don’t want anybody controlling me! Ever! I just want to kick You in the face! I’m so angry at You!“

This took a lot to stay calm. But somehow, I managed to do so.

It was also important to stay present with everything to understand what was really going on and happening. Because I knew 110% = controlling her was not one of my intentions.

Far from it.

I also, simultaneously, had to process my own pain and fear of people not believing me.

Of thinking that I’m again crazy with my intuition and knowing.

You see, very often in life when I’m just sitting with a person or in conversation = it’s like a gateway opens and I know exactly the thing they are either desiring, truly wanting, or what is actually going on deeply within them. (Among other things.)

Expressing of this has led me down some intense pathways = like the one we were in during that morning.

People have this fear that I want to control them = although, my intention is to give them what they desire and require in life. (Hint, this is freedom.)

But standing there, half-naked, I remembered this and expressed it differently.

My intention and desire are very far from trying to control You. I couldn’t do it if I wanted to = I don’t have these skills. I just wanted to give You what You want in life. “

Her stance released immediately. I could see her breathing calmer, her thoughts softened. She dropped the attack/defense position she was in.

„When You say it like that, I understand much better. You were actually right; I wanted that thing.“

„Good” I thought because I was starting to get scared in that moment. Thoughts were running through my mind because the situation wasn’t dialing down.

“Am I wrong? Have I lost the ability?”

“Or even the worse, am I completely bonkers?”

Coming from a scientific family = I’m always questioning, always testing things out in the real-life. It’s good to question Your beliefs about something = keeps You grounded, sane, and humble.

Thankfully, I received confirmation for that intuitive flash of knowing that I had given her.

If You are intuitively sensitive, empath, psychic = You need to lean into these moments when You get the confirmation.

Because unfortunately, this world is still „ a tad“ fearful of these things.

People get lost in their fears (like in the example above).

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  1. I\’ve had a very similar experience recently. Reading this helps me to understand my situation and triggers more information to come through, common to both situations, which I would like to share if it is wanted.


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