A Vision

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-eiffel-tower-lights-night-5156/

Do You realize how hard it is?
To do the things that nobody is doing
To go to the places unknown
To feel the pain that is not felt
And come back to tell the tale?

There’s only so far I could go alone

I have to stroke the legs of mystics
And beg them to teach me
What happened to us?
What happened to humanity?

I envision a world of equality
World of brotherhood and men
Holding hands with women
Side by side, our hearts open to the sky
Light pouring down upon us
Let us rejoice and come together
This is how it’s going to be for eons to come
Where man can sing the songs that have been unsung
Hold and love his chosen mate
Look upon the vastness of his fate
And cry about it when it hurts so much
When needed be turn around his luck


Ian Altosaar

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