The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius 2020. And What Will it Bring For 2021 and Beyond…

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The year 2021 actually starts within 2020, with the conjunction of the two giants in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct in the sign of Aquarius on the 21st of December, 2020.

The most intriguing part of this meeting is the sign they are meeting in, Aquarius. Every twenty years these colossal bodies in space meet in a different sign, and this meeting will show us here on earth a new path for human society. In the material realms (economy, society, education, etc) but also internally. Although, it is worth a mention that those internal changes are usually the ones that give rise to the material changes. I also need to remind everyone that the meeting will change everything we value here on earth and in human society. What the masses think is right and where economic success can be found.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign. Jupiter and Saturn haven’t met in an Air sign since 1980.

To understand the implications of this meeting we need to understand the sign of Aquarius better, as well as Jupiter and Saturn.

Aquarius represents:

Connecting with others, communicating with others, large groups of people, networks, friends, people who we knowingly choose into our lives, social networks, groups.

Intellect, it’s a very intellectual and left-brain kind of sign. But it also has the capacity to draw information and channel information from global consciousness, or the consciousness of mankind. Has lots of information and knowledge.

Big systems, big networks, global networks, the audience, fans, science, programming, computers, computer programming, internet, cryptocurrency, space, the more science-like approach to astrology or more material astrology.

Very innovative and eccentric.

Equality, equal rights to everyone, equal voices for everyone, united groups, social and economic goals, material goals, long term goals, dreams. The Collective, collective thinking, the human collective, human consciousness, humanitarianism, globalism.

Aquarius believes that everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone.

Big ups and downs, lightning, sudden events, shocking events, divorce, liberty, truth. The highest manifestation is working for humanity, to uplift humanity to a new state of consciousness. To innovate it and bring truth to it.

Aquarius also likes stability but at the same time can be extremely unstable. Prone to extreme movements. Makes decisions seemingly suddenly but has actually been researching and doing the work required for a long time. Then change their life 360 degrees.

Machines, technology. The darker side of Aquarius is changing or turning humanity into machines. Or even cogs in a machine.

Extreme Aquarius energy is only intellectual, only believes in science and machines. Too scientific, no emotions or feelings. Only the mind and intellect.

Loves society as a whole but hates the individual.

Aquarius also represents the skin, the brain, the nervous system, the economy, social sciences, infrastructure, friendship, veins, incomes, bonuses, material income, supply-chain systems, waves, information technology, masses of people, electromagnetic waves.

Saturn represents:

The color black, grey, dark grey, stones, cold and dry places.

Time, sticking to Your deadlines and being on time, professionalism, coldness (weather, temperature, and also emotional distance), working, career, business, and the corporate world.

Productive, structuring, putting order into things, restricting, limiting, blocking, practical, earthly, putting on restrictions. Very interested in organizing things in the practical and material world.

Fulfilling goals, going after goals in an organized way, something You can touch, ambition, leaving Your legacy, status, social status, high positions in society.

Being frugal, minimalism, saving, using the minimum amount of resources to achieve goals.

The argument can be made for the feminine energy in Saturn because Saturn plans a long time before acting or taking action. Never rushes into things.

Working, work, or even hard work. Saturn never gives anything just because it needs efforts and practical efforts. Rules and regulations, living by these. Foundations. Never takes the easy way out or You shouldn’t with Saturn. Need to follow the rules.

Strong will, personal efforts. Moving gradually but diligently towards Your goals.

Order, repetition, old things, antiques, leather, mastery, stability, fears, survival, inner criticism complexes, thoughts of not enough (internally and externally).

Being emotionally reserved. Hard work pays off later.

Responsibility, duty, and fulfilling them.

Bones, bone structure, teeth, strength, and durability, knees. Challenges and moving onwards despite these challenges.

Traditional values, status quo, things that change really slowly (crocodiles), hierarchies, the foundation and pillar of society, leaders, masters. Very tied to social approval and status. Elitism, snobbism, serious, critical, demanding, and even salt!

And the last part of the puzzle, Jupiter:

Orange colors, optimistic colors, purple colors.

Deeper meaning, the deeper meaning of life, plans for the future, and how we see the world. Brings a lot of optimism to everything.

Wants to connect us to our higher purpose, higher goals. Gives meaning and purpose to humans and life.

The most mature of the Fire signs.

Priests, holy men, and women, spirituality, spiritual things, spiritual rules, philosophy, philosophers, beliefs, belief systems, libraries, universities, churches, holy places.

Jupiter doesn’t create entirely new systems, it improves on the ones already there. Making them even better. Really important to have higher moral ground when starting to make these changes. Needs to have deeper meaning and truth before.

Enthusiasm, passion, and optimism. The trends of humanity and society, as well as predicting where we are headed as a species.

Truths, spiritual truths, counselors, mentors. Messages from above, access to higher consciousness, leading people to higher consciousness. Seeing and being aware of the truth where others cannot see it. Inspiring others and lifting them up from the darkness.

Adventures and excitement, answers to the bigger questions. And extremely humanitarian worldview.

You can see there are a lot of possibilities of how this meeting or conjunction can affect our human society and consciousness for the next 20 years. What makes it interesting is that for the next 120 years these giants are meeting in the signs associated with the Air element. This means that until then our main goals and developments in human society are going to be associated with the Air element as well.

This means social life, social goals, new ideas and knowledge, new information, and exchanging it, technological advancement, and innovation.

A beginning of a new era for mankind.

To add even more spice to the equation, Uranus is squaring the conjunction from Taurus. Especially important to note that Uranus and Saturn will square off in the sky many times during the next 2,5 years.

What does this all mean or how will it affect our human society?

Saturn entering Aquarius alone is enough to bring new rules and restrictions to human society but now Jupiter is expanding it with Saturn. From one side people are demanding freedom, liberation, and equality for all but from the other side, Saturn is limiting it all and saying not so fast. Saturn wants to control and keep everything organized. With this in mind, I’m anticipating that some of the restrictions that were introduced during 2020 will continue into 2021. As well as new restrictions for humans being rolled out.

Limitations and control that is coming from the governments can seem like it’s being done “for the people”. At least this is how these things are usually being served to everyone. Fear and being scared of survival (financial worries) is usually enough to have humans give away the freedom of their own free will. I predict more and more (as well as new ways) surveillance systems and methods of keeping track of the movement of people being introduced. Also to increase the control and “order” in society. This is how it will be served.

One of the really simple examples would be that You will not be able to attend public meetings or events without proof of a negative test or without proof of vaccinations. Really important words to remember for the next 2,5 years “Controlling and limiting people’s movements in the name of higher good”.

These limitations will influence flying as well (the squares between Saturn and Uranus). Anything connected to flying or the airline industry will not have an easy time. When traveling You need to consider, as well as keep in mind that there are most likely a lot of different restrictions, regulations, controls being introduced (proof of vaccinations, etc) when You want to fly somewhere.

The technology sector (businesses involved in it), as well as innovative science, will feel the influence of this conjunction strongly. Again, from one side the sector will experience huge growth and innovation but the other side will try to limit it. Introducing new regulations, controls, limitations. We need to remember that Saturn is stronger in Aquarius than Jupiter. This should mean that the controllers, regulators, and people doing the limiting actually have the advantage here. Or the governments. But new discoveries, innovations will go hand in hand with regulations for the next 2,5 years in the technology sector. As well as space travel and discoveries there.

Another huge topic is mass demonstrations and riots. We saw that for a brief moment during the summer of 2020 when Saturn touched Aquarius for a couple of weeks. BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests were all over the news and ravaging America (some other countries as well). I believe we will see the continuation of this and these protests will demand liberty, equal rights, and education for all. A high probability scenario is that we see protests to do with the limitations and restrictions being put on our society. People have a hard time creating financial resources and this will get them to the streets. The fight that will last for the next 2,5 years will start now. Revolution, riots, protests are words to be remembered.

One of the biggest dangers I see with this conjunction for mankind is the changing of humans into machines. Or the abandonment of our humanity and replacing it with machinery within ourselves. This is happening already but important to remember that we will still get to choose. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the advancements being made with technology want to create machines out of us. With chips inserted into us etc. This will only continue. Hard choices await humanity soon.

Words of caution, it is one thing to use the advancements being made with technology for the good of humans but it’s a completely different story of changing and turning humans into machines. It’s an important time to start making these distinctions!

There is also a danger of abandoning the individual altogether and focusing only on our society as a whole. It is here where our personal liberties will start to fade away (for the good of all). We must remember that the good of all is important but it is also our personal creativity, liberty, and genius that advances humanity forward. We need to find a balance between the individual and the creative parts of the person. As well as our society as a whole. We must certainly move towards a more cohesive and equal society but at the same time keep in mind our personal uniqueness. Let us remember the individual in all of this as well!

A high probability scenario is that our society as we know it will seemingly go in separate ways. One side will move towards machinery and will be happy about it. As well as changing themselves into machines. The other side will see the beauty, uniqueness, and specialness of the human experience and will want to keep their “humanness” intact. And also move humanity forward while staying human.

The ones who are tired of control, regulations, and their liberties being taken away will find creative ways to exist in a society within the greater human society. A huge trend moving forward. New communities that still want to be human and not exist in this type of forced dystopia will start to emerge more and more. Especially during the next 20 years. At first, these communities or societies within the society will seem quirky, weird, and strange but I mostly see it as a trend that will continue to grow. The reason will be that more and more people will have enough of their personal freedom being constantly taken away from them. With the excuse of “higher good” or that “this is best for You”. More and more people will start to understand that this is actually being done to control them instead of helping them.

During all of these limitations and restrictions, at least next year, we will have help from Jupiter. Jupiter wants more information, wisdom, and knowledge and this time it wants them for all of society. Wants to give the power, which is knowledge in this case, to the masses. This is where a lot of these protests will start because people will start to understand the need for power to be more spread out than it is. We will see big protests and masses taking the streets all over the globe.

The slogans will be freedom, liberty, equality, equal opportunities for all, truth. I also see the potential for humanity to move too fast here. Saturn will stop us and reminds us to build stronger foundations, organizations, and order. Balancing the energies of Saturn and Jupiter next year will be difficult. Limitations or expansions? Growth and liberty, or structure and order? I believe a balance must be found between these forces.

Jupiter’s influence in the conjunction gives hope that the structures and foundations of society will be more “human” oriented or for us humans. Beneficial for all people involved in society. At the very least we will start moving in those directions and should see results in the next 20 years.

Our values as a society and as individuals will change dramatically too. In the last 20 years, we appreciated and applauded material, as well as financial achievements, even material extravagance (Jupiter and Saturn met in Taurus), then now we are moving towards appreciating charity, social causes, creating more equal opportunities for all. We will start to acknowledge and appreciate humans (celebrities too) who dedicate their lives towards serving society, mankind. Altruistic stances and behaviors from the people in leadership positions should be and start to be more common. We will see new leaders emerging who uphold (hopefully) and preach these values I mentioned.

Shallowness and putting material achievements on the pedestal will start to fade away.


I see troubles for the overall economy, especially next year. The main reason for this is the aforementioned Saturn Uranus square. Remember, that Uranus is in the sign of finances and material stability, Taurus. Uranus has already brought its innovative energy to the area and a lot of countries are already putting a lot of effort into digitizing money. We will see the continuation of this trend and the advancements being made.

The cryptocurrency market will be helped by Jupiter but limited by Saturn. Continuous growth in the industry and markets but also difficulties, regulations as well. The likelihood of a crash here increases thanks to the Saturn (difficulties and restrictions) and Uranus (crypto) square. As well as more regulations for the companies involved with these matters.

I also see the potential of a crash all over and the steepening of the economic crisis (again thanks to the Saturn and Uranus square) next year. Lower prices in the markets. The most difficult time for the economy is 23.01.2021–24.04.2021 (end of January till the end of April) when the planet of money and financial industry Venus is invisible in the sky. High probability that we will see the lowest prices during this time of the year (potential for a crash, high likelihood that it will be between these dates).

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The planetary alignments during 2021 January 2021. Mars and Uranus battling with Saturn and Jupiter in a square.

I need to remind You that the last time Uranus and Saturn were in opposition (difficult aspect) was in 2008. And the last time they were in a square was 2000 during the .com bubble. Most people remember what happened then. Inflating the bubbles even more and then it all came crashing down. A financial crisis ensued all over the globe.

We are increasingly moving towards the total shift and innovation of our financial system during the next 5 years. UBI (Universal Basic Income) and the digitizing of the FIAT currencies are coming. 2021 will give glimpses of this and we will continue to move towards it. Hyperinflation is something to keep in mind for the coming years.

The general movement of goods is restricted and much more difficult. Again Saturn is limiting it with that square towards Uranus (Uranus rules or represents supply-chains and lines, big systems). This could mean shortages of goods in certain areas (or all over) during the next 2,5 years. Especially those goods that are imported from foreign lands. If we also consider that a lot of raw materials that are being used in our homelands to produce certain goods are being imported then this could also translate into general shortages of goods. Troubles with import and export. Things taking more time and being blocked/regulated.

Regulating the internet is also a big topic. Governments have been doing this and wanting to do it, even more, this will unfortunately continue. Who can use it, who can upload and what, etc.

It won’t be an easy 2021 or even the coming years after that. The movement of planets from Earth to Air gives hope that things will move and feel like they are moving faster than 2020. But we have to remember that there are a lot of influences in fixed signs. This means that a lot of the focus is still on maintaining and keeping the things already in place going. Luckily, the innovative energy of Aquarius will freshen things a little from the status quo type energy of Capricorn. The long battle I mentioned above will be difficult but there is hope that the rights of humans and the liberty of humans will win in the long run. Especially if we consider the next 20 years.

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