Competition for more Love

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Until You learn to, at the very least like Yourself and later love Yourself, it’s all a competition for more love.

One of the reasons our society is so bent on winning and success is because in truth it equals love.

The desire to be the best comes from feeling unworthy. The desire to dominate comes from feeling powerless.

The desire to be in the constant center of attention becomes from the fear of not being seen. (Which again is fear of losing love).

The conundrum is that in the action of constantly wanting all the attention from others You repel others away from You. Because You are acting out of fear and You are in that action creating the very thing You are afraid of. Which is others abandoning You because of self-centered behavior. True leaders know when to lead and when to step back and let others lead. But this only comes from feeling that fear and being comfortable with (and within) Yourself.

Feeling the fear of not being loved or the perceived loss of love from others gives the person the freedom to do what they truly want. Instead of acting from their subconscious fears.

Feel everything and You become Yourself.

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