Asking and Receiving

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with my friend Cindy to talk about a topic that I believe is important.

Asking and receiving.

At times I go through my days on autopilot. Or at least a chunk of my day. It isn’t until the evening or very early morning where I usually get some time by myself.

I’ve learned to cherish these moments and during these, I finally get to commune with myself and the vast Universe around us.

In those places or moments, I get clear on what I want and what I need, as well as where do I want to go next.

I’ve learned (gradually) to ask for and then (actively I need to add here!) start to receive those things I’ve asked for. This is the hardest part because a lot of things (like our emotional wounds and patterns given to us by our families) come to stop us.

Asking and receiving is a practice like any other. Especially if You’ve been raised to never ask for help and to do everything on Your own. Or even raised to reject things given to You. In that case, You need to practice receiving more.

Who or what to ask?

This is a personal preference. If You are a bit “spiritual” or understand the forces around You, then I believe this is a bit easier. You can choose from the vast amount of beings out there.

If You believe that the so-called invisible worlds are nonsense then it is a bit harder. But even then it does benefit to ask Yourself. First, where am I now? And what do I actually want? Once You get clear on those, things start moving and You get to practice the receiving part of the equation.

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