Astrological Report 14th of April, 2020. CAPRICORN Moon!

This is a general astrological report on the 14th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this difficult time.

From an elemental perspective, we now have one of the planets associated with business and commerce Mercury in a fiery Aries. And the Sun is finishing up its yearly stint in the same sign. For at least a moment these influences should drive us to initiate new things in our career and business ventures. Exchange of information and goods should pick up again, especially with the sextiles from Mars and Saturn to Mercury. A good balance of earth, fire, air (considering that both Mars and Saturn are in Aquarius) should be beneficial with taking balanced actions with new ideas. Or continue working (finding new initiative) on ideas that came to us recently. Still lacking water but maybe this is good for now, and we need to be more material for the time being and build/transform our material foundations/structures currently during the ongoing crisis.

Moon is in earthly Capricorn which is a Cardinal (more action-oriented earth sign). Which should mean we have an emotional need for practical things (those foundations and organizations I already spoke about), the general mood is a bit serious with the structure loving Capricorn Moon. Best to organize Your life practically, activities that require routine can be taken on and finished. But discipline is required of us and pushing through until the end, even when it gets a little difficult. Or the activity itself is a bit mundane (repetitive actions for example.) Watch out for being too rigid and strict, one of the downsides with Moon in Capricorn. There is also a tendency to push down Your true emotions to carry towards Your desired goal. I’m going to let You be the judge of that (if it’s good or bad.) But the thing with emotions is, usually, even when pushed down for a while, they can erupt from seemingly nowhere.

Moon is also conjunct Pluto and Jupiter. With Pluto and Moon, it is usually always the case of emotional transformation, deeper understanding of Your emotions, and quite possibly emotional need for sex. Your intuitive abilities can be heightened, can feel if someone is being truthful or not. Or even feel and understand other people’s (and possibly Your own) traumas. As well as help someone transform theirs.

Jupiter’s conjunction brings a momentary spike of optimism and positive emotions. This is usually positive conjunction. Might even understand some higher knowledge, or pulled towards learning some sort of spiritual wisdom from somewhere. At the very least, a short-lived boost to Your emotional and feeling life should come with Moon conjunct Jupiter.

Mercury sextile Venus, another positive aspect for a short period between the two fast-moving personal planets. Enjoyable communication with partners and in relationships, or making money from business activities. In general, this should, at least for a while, boost business activities. With Mercury being in Aries as well, I believe we should see some picking up of commerce. It is, unfortunately, in my opinion, only momentary relief.

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