Astrological Report 12th of April, 2020. SAGITTARIUS Moon!

This is a general astrological report on the 12th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this difficult time.


The elemental forces are quite balanced other than water energy. There is a bit of a lack of emotional, intuitive energy. The only planet in water signs is Neptune. Luckily, it’s domicile and in Pisces. Meaning, it should give us some spiritual and healing energy in the midst of all this earth, fire and air. I personally like the general balance. It is a good time to practically pursue Your new ideas, build solid foundations with them. Or You might even get new ideas of practical nature about how to create new things regarding Your long-term goals.

Moon is now out of more transformational Scorpio and in the fun and adventure-loving Sagittarius. But that’s not all Sagittarius is. Saggi is also known for connecting to higher wisdom and then teaching it. The emotions of people are more elevated again, there is a thirst for higher learning and wisdom. Or teaching it. Or You might want to go out and about (difficult currently I know but the desire can be there) and travel, connect to foreign lands and foreigners. Even a yearning for more fun and parties can be coursing through Your veins.

The Moon is receiving a difficult aspect from Neptune which could mean that Your feeling life is a bit foggy. Don’t really understand what You are feeling and what Your true emotions are. If we combine the meaning of Sagittarius here this could mean that we want to teach something or learn something but it might not be the most precise information. Or it might have some grand illusions in it. Be careful with addictive behaviors and going for these. Best to channel this energy meditating or creative pursuits.

Moon receives support from the Sun which can enliven the already lively Moon in Sagittarius. More energy, more will in our emotions. We can feel like things are possible, more optimism in our feelings and emotions. A need to be creative in the world and hopefully You will have the energy for it.

Mercury is moving into Aries. Mental fog can now be lifted, sharp and fast in our thinking, clear thoughts and communications. But be aware of the tendency to speak very fast and say hurtful things during this time. Aries can be a little insensitive or downright rude here with Mercury. But the good thing is that there’s less bullshit and people usually say what they mean.

Mars is starting to move away from Saturn, the orb is still 7 degrees but governments and the common people should start feeling this already. Hopefully, some stress lifted, less aggression, less chance of fights between the government and the people. But it’s still a conjunction so we are not completely out of the woods yet. Best to be aware of reactions when the governments decide something. This fits well with the recent news from the WHO (World Health Organization) that they might need to take people from their homes. The people (Saturn) and WHO (Saturn also rules big organizations), as well as aggressive action with taking them from homes which is Mars.

Hopefully, with it being a separating aspect this will not come to fruition and was just an aggressive statement.

Mars is also starting to move away from the square with Uranus but the orb is still strong (3 degrees). Everything I said in one of my previous reports still stands.

“On a bit of a negative note, Uranus is, unfortunately, squaring both Mars and Saturn. And the square between Uranus and Mars is an exact one, so I do expect some conflict to arise. In worse case scenarios this could even mean aggression between the public, the masses and the government (in worse case scenarios rioting). Hopefully, Venus can help us all find common ground here and approach things from a diplomatic perspective. It is worth a mention that this square also talks about freedom and the lack of it. Saturn is restrictions and Uranus is the desire for freedom and truth, add in Mars with its aggression and we get a cocktail of energy that will be hard to ground. Inwardly this can feel like the desire to break free but with the outer restrictions put on us, very hard to do. And then the conflict can arise, harsh reactions. I do even see some forest fires happening, nature will be unstable and the most likely scenario with Mars is fire. Hopefully, they can be contained through working together (Venus) and restricting them (Saturn) using our energy and force (Mars).”

Luckily, Venus supports Mars with a beneficial trine and that’s going to be going on for a while. Can bring You more sex, quick ways of making money, taking action with things regarding money and relationships, as well as those actions bringing You more good things.

Looking at the bigger transits, I wouldn’t get too optimistic just yet. Take it slowly.

Let’s end on a positive note and stay safe out there!

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