Astrological Report 16th of April, 2020. Aquarius Moon!

This is a general astrological report on the 16th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this difficult time.

With the danger of starting to repeat myself, the elemental forces are still lacking water energy. Otherwise a nice balance between the elements. Air is the most influenced here with Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Venus all being in air signs. These are also fixed and mutable air signs so the focus is on preserving Your ideas, the ideas that have come to You and also changing/working with those ideas. With a lot of influence in Cardinal signs, it does speak of also taking action with those ideas. We will have more water influences soon when the Moon moves into Pisces but more on that in the next report.

Moon is now in Aquarius. With the Moon there we are yearning for emotional freedom definitely. But with Aquarius, it is more of a mental yearning. Aquarius is a sign that is known for its mental capacities but when mixed with the Moon, can be emotionally a little distant. Emotions can be a little scattered, wanting one thing at one point and a completely different thing at the next moment. The learning with Aquarius Moon is to understand the filter the mind can put on our feelings and emotions. On a positive note we can feel in tune with the trends of society, innovations, and at the same time yearning for innovation in our emotional life. A definite possibility. Just be aware of the tendency to brush over Your emotions with the quickness of the mind here, and becoming too detached from Your feelings. A little detachment is always good, but be aware of the extremes Aquarius is known for.

Moon is conjunct with the fiery Mars and this can be felt in our emotional life. More desire to take action in our lives, emotional need to fight for something, or the need to have more action taking in general. More movement is needed and desired. It could bring up some emotional reactions certainly, hopefully, the wide conjunction with Saturn will keep them somewhat controlled. What more can we say about this conjunction with the emotional Moon and aggressive Mars? A desire for passion, sex, more assertiveness in our lives. You might realize that You have let Your boundaries be too loose, and now You want to take action and assert Yourself a little. With Mars, this can sometimes be too forceful but Venus is also supporting the three from Gemini so it should actually be fine and diplomatic. Venus with the trine to the Moon will bring us pleasant emotions, feeling beautiful and wanting more pleasure in our lives. Emotional harmony in our relationships, feeling close connected and nurtured in our relationships (remember this is a general report, if You have more difficult planetary transits going on then this can feel different.)

Let us keep this one short and sweet and I will see You in the next one!

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