FEAR And Understanding It

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Fear is one of the most difficult emotions to master, if not the most difficult.

Unfortunately when it’s not mastered, or at the very least, acknowledged, it can lead to actions that we will regret for a long time.

The most prominent fears:

The fear of losing someone’s love.
The fear of survival.
The fear of not getting something You really want.

If You really look at these, there is nothing to fear.

These are ideas built in the mind.

“If the person x leaves me, this will happen.”

“If this job or business ends, I will end up in this place.”

“If I don’t get this opportunity, my life will suck.”

Or something similar.

Although all of these are scary, these are thoughts. Nothing more.

If not practiced, and suppressed instead, actions will follow.

Being jealous, clingy in relationships.

Starting to undermine Your colleagues at work to get ahead.

Working Yourself to death.

Many ways this can manifest in one’s life.

The only thing that really needs to happen is for the individual to look at these.

To see what they are really doing and why they are doing those things.

Most often it’s one of those three most prominent fears.

If acknowledged, the individual can start taking action to change these.

It is very common that when a person sees the reasons why they are doing these, they stop immediately.

If I understand that my fear of losing someone else’s love is pushing me to work crazy hours, to finally earn the love from others that I’m lacking inside, I can at the very least cut some of those hours down by just accepting my lack of love inside.

Very often the idea seems so insane to the person once acknowledged, they stop there and then.

Unfortunately, the mind is a powerful tool and it does need practice. So a relapse back to old ways is also common. But even here, the person has awareness of the underlying fear and can come to conscious awareness of their actions more easily after the first discovery of the fear. Thus the expression, it will get easier in time.

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