Astrology also translates the darker or uglier side of humanity

Astrology also translates the darker or uglier side of humanity.

It’s not all sun shines, rainbows, beaches, and unicorns on planet earth.

We are currently in the low end of a bigger cycle mapped out by the great Andre Barbault. Which in earthly terms means = economic turmoil, war, conflict, riots, systems not working, restructuring of human society. I mentioned this and talked about it more in length during my yearly 2022 video. But also, in a lot of my videos these themes are talked about. You can check out the yearly video here:

During our monthly review of April here: with Donny Lim, and during our weekly The Cosmic Adults Podcast with Mercedes Anne here: I mentioned a world event that will be so atrocious (associated with violence and the war) and will have the ability to rally the world behind the war or talking about stopping the war on a bigger scale.

Both of these reports, reviews, podcasts etc. were recorded in March. One during middle of March, and the other on the 27th.

Unfortunately, this time the event happened in Bucha, Ukraine. Where a mass killing of 300 individuals (or 280) happened (at least this is how the western media portrays it). I have no way of confirming this 100% but this is what the media is telling us. And the world leaders (I don’t know the qualities of these leaders personally but at times it seems they are really fucking things up even more) are definitely rallying at least on social media. With the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction looming = I’m not so sure it will amount to anything physical. It can just be “pretty words”.

In my personal opinion the likelihood of this event happening was highest during 1-6th of April. Reports started coming in on the 3rd (as far as I know). When did these events exactly happen? I don’t have any way of knowing that but it started to come out during the time-frame I gave in the reviews.

Reported here:…/estonia-s-president-pm-call-for…



And a whole bunch of other news outlets.

Sadly, these gruesome events still happen on planet earth = astrology is just a language to predict the probability of these events happening.

If You are asking, why share this, what is the point of this?

The bigger point of Astrology is to learn about our underlying animal impulses and do better. Grow past, evolve higher, use these forces we have at our disposal much better.

I know this seems like a pipe dream and an utopian remark on my part. But this is the point of astrology.

To translate the emerging of these nature’s forces in our solar system so that we use the “better” side of these. That we liberate ourselves from these shackles that “seem to be controlling us”.

And if You are there saying it’s not yet possible on a bigger scale = I mostly agree. But this doesn’t excuse ourselves from not doing so on a smaller scale.

Within us. And inside of our smaller circles.

These changes and the way we interact with life and others needs deep transformation. If You are powerless to the war and most everything around You = fucking take as much responsibility for Yourself and Your loved ones as You can. Mostly the only thing You can do anyway.

Fucking spiritual cliché but true = it starts with You.

Make the best of this. Grow, learn, evolve, make better things, make better systems, be a better human even if others are shitty.

It will be difficult but there is a brighter and better earth already here = I’ve luckily seen it personally.

Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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