Astrology vs the real world? The real world = astrology?

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I used to think astrology was some sort of fortune cookie type shit people read to feel good or better about themselves. I didn’t see it as valuable at all. On the contrary, I saw it as an illusion, a deception.

Approximately 9 years ago I was asking some big questions about life, relationships, etc., and came across a YouTube video from a channel which name hinted (Astrolada) that it was mostly to do with astrology, and for some reason, I still decided to click on it. My mind was blown quite quickly. It was my first and one of the favorite astrology teachers Lada Duncheva explaining the Moon cycles (while doing a monthly forecast for all the signs) and how these are connected to our emotions/feelings.

I was pretty much instantly hooked but my scientific mind couldn’t believe it all just as is. I had to start conducting experiments in the real world, in real life with real-life matters.

I even challenged astrology and said, “Ok, prove this shit to me.” I forgot about those predictive videos for a month and lived my life as is, without any astrology. After a month I went to a predictive video that was recorded in the past and for that month I just had lived, turned it on, and again, my mind was blown. The matters spoken in the video for my signs were the ones I had just lived.

My scientific and skeptic mind was starting to believe. And I’m used to thinking critically and approaching things from a “can we prove this” perspective, all my grandparents were literally scientists. One of them still is to this day, and I thank them for this way of thinking, it helps a lot in astrology, as well as with all matters in life.

But a lot of astrology was still a bit “iffy” to me. No real value in the real world, just some mumbo-jumbo that really didn’t make sense to me. I had to learn more and started conducting more experiments. I also made it my goal to learn from those who applied their knowledge in the material realm not just only in the “ethers” somewhere.

I started seeing patterns forming everywhere, links, timelines. In finance, corporate life, meetings, technology, relationships. I took what I had learned to the streets and started using these patterns in the real world. Which lead to a lot of improvement in my life. (Starting a business, promotion, being able to stay in relationships and get through the tough times, etc. = real-life tangible matters).

Now 9 years later I have come full circle. I’m back at the very place this astrological experiment started for me. I sat down with my first teacher Lada Duncheva and we recorded a video about Low self-worth and how to remedy it with astrology (it also touches very tangible matters like leverage during negotiations and timing techniques You can use to give Yourself a leg up during those somewhat difficult moments in life).

I hope You enjoy this one and for those more curious I’m also teaching a webinar on the 23rd of May, 2021 about these matters where we get deeper into it.

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