A story of suffering, self-destruction, and liberation

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Before You let anyone convince You (especially Yourself!) that Your life is set in stone 100% and astrology or Your chart is 100% set in stone, as well as that we don’t have any free will (and You can’t change Your circumstances), here’s a hopefully inspiring story.

About 8–9 years ago I was still:

A drug addict.

An alcoholic.

Severely depressed, although I didn’t show it = I played it cool and joked a lot.

Deeply insecure.

Suicidal = this one hurts the most.

No desire to create anything.

Felt powerless to do anything about it.

In the victim state constantly.

Genuinely wanted to leave this seemingly God-forsaken place called earth.

I literally was headed towards my own destruction. Gained over 28kg in weight. Was high and/or drunk constantly. Didn’t remember how I got home from parties and going out. Really dangerous situations some.

A bad state of affairs with no end in sight.

But after one drunken night, I literally was so high and so drunk I prayed. I had never done this. It wasn’t a religious prayer = I don’t think religion has much to offer humans other than control and manipulation. No, it was a hopeless prayer into the nothingness that changed everything.

To cut a long story short, met some people, made some huge changes, made some big decisions (like becoming sober and clean, there’s a lot more to it but in the spirit of keeping it short and sweet, let’s leave it at that), and 9 years later, I’m standing here, sober, clean, and doing my best to help others out of that suffering.

Showing that there’s liberation from pain and suffering. And most importantly, the pain and suffering are truly in our minds, bodies, feelings, beliefs, and ideas.

Start releasing, letting go of those ideas and thoughts/beliefs that keep You suffering = open Yourself up to a completely new life, relationships, career, etc. Freedom = this is actually what it’s all about.

I couldn’t have in my wildest dreams thought that I would be here where I am today. Especially coming from where I was coming from. Complete darkness and emptiness.

As I embark upon a new journey of fatherhood, marriage, business, building a home, etc. I just want to tell You these next few lines.

If You are suffering out there = there’s a way out. If You are in a place where You don’t want to be = changes can be made. If You believe You can’t possibly get out of it = most likely You can.

You get to decide and make decisions, You do have free will, You can say no and/or Yes. You are the one making those choices, even if You tell Yourself another story altogether.

There’s a practical way to rebuild Your life but it starts with simple choices. Some harder than others. Throwing away that bottle, saying no to that blunt, saving 10% of Your paycheck, seeing that therapist, making that plan, starting that business. Don’t underestimate the power of these decisions, they accumulate and accumulate. And then suddenly You discover Yourself in a completely new situation and circumstance because of these decisions.

Learn to ask for help, learn to open Your mind, and let go of things that don’t truly serve You = this one is hard, and sometimes requires some time spent in loneliness to understand what You truly want in life. But it can be done.

From suffering to destruction

From destruction to flames

From flames to ashes

From ashes to light

Burn and burn until it starts to shine so bright

Rise and rise as the being of might

For those interested here’s a video about deeper topics, psychological issues, and a little about how to release these. I recorded this with a person who helped me out a lot during these dark times. Tremendous respect for her. https://youtu.be/IRoyoe3K9gw

I’m also putting all of the crazy things I’ve learned into a webinar that I’m teaching on the 23rd of May, this Sunday on Astrolada.com. Check it out if interested. https://www.astrolada.com/courses/astrology-esoteric/new-how-to-make-the-best-deals-and-form-the-best-partnerships.html and don’t let the name fool You, we are going deep into the human psyche as well!

Keep going, You got this.


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