Being In Uncertainty

Being in uncertainty
With not knowing
Is like a continuous haze
A mist that keeps on going

People speak and I listen
But it’s gone a second later
Because my only concern is how can I find some certainty once more
Some safety
Some grounding
Although the heart keeps on pounding
A different kind of beat
It did yesterday

So I move through days
Just waiting for them to end
This is what a really slow death must feel like
As if I experience this but observe the absurdity of it at the same time
It’s quite insane to live like this
But why is it?

Is it because of the judgments I have?
They keep on coming
Watching my every move
What if I move too soon?

Well yes
Because uncertainty is just uncertainty
Nothing more
Nothing less

It is there for You as a being to express through
To live and experience
It just is

Right now the understanding is as follows:

Pain is death
And death is pain

But when looked at objectively
Is it actually so?

It is in the resistance of death where pain beings
And it is in the allowing of pain when death actually starts

Only then can life and death merge within consciousness
They become one
Only there is no becoming
It is You who has done the becoming
By growing Your consciousness
To see life and death as one
As a whole

The only reason there is pain is that we have forgotten the simple equation

Life = Death
Death = Life

Ian Altosaar


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