Spiritual Understanding

Image source: Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

Sometimes we can get lost in our identities, who we are, who we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to be.

That sometimes happens to me. It’s always painful.

Because soon life usually asks of us, or me in this case, are You sure? Are You sure You are this amazing person who does not fuck up or fall down from time to time?

You probably know the answer to this already…

In my mind, I hold a very high standard for myself. This does not always pan out the way I want it too. Life happens, shit happens, I fail, I get up and start again. But the idea in my mind is what does a disservice to my time being spent here on this earth. The idea that I should not fuck up as a person. But I do. I still do. I believe everyone does. And that’s okay as long as we take something out of it and do our best to learn from it. To evolve and grow with it.

I thought I’d share this reminder with You. If You are out there thinking that You should not fuck up in life. Here it is:

Just because You have spiritual understanding or wisdom even, does not mean You don’t fuck up as a person.

There it is. Have a nice rest of the Saturday folks!


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