The Cosmic Adults – Curious Questions with Cindy AKA “The Cosmic Mom”

In this week’s episode: Cosmic Mom, the origin story. How to ask the best questions from the Universe? And Yourself? How to let go, surrender, transform, and trust? Mercury retrograde manifestations in real life. What type of environment is needed for growth? Letting go of the past and coming into the present moment. Taking responsibility … Read more

The Cosmic Adults Season 1 Episode 2 TEASER!

Confused about life and Your sensitivity? Curious about what energy is and how we can use it? Or even asking more practical things like, why do I feel like this during this specific day? And totally different during others? We started the Cosmic Adults podcast with my good friend Mercedes to answer all of those … Read more

Being “spiritual” or the I am Special trap.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash You being “spiritual” or doing “spiritual” things is an illusion. There’s only spirit. You can’t do anything other than spiritual things. Going to work is spiritual. Wiping Your ass is spiritual, as is the action before the wiping. Going to spiritual retreats and seminars is as spiritual as anything else. And although … Read more

Competition for more Love

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay Until You learn to, at the very least like Yourself and later love Yourself, it’s all a competition for more love. One of the reasons our society is so bent on winning and success is because in truth it equals love. The desire to be the best comes from feeling unworthy. The desire … Read more

Asking and Receiving

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with my friend Cindy to talk about a topic that I believe is important. Asking and receiving. At times I go through my days on autopilot. Or at least a chunk of my day. It isn’t until the evening or very early morning where I usually get … Read more

A Conversation About Energy Clearing And Healing With Medicine Man Joe Greenland

I recently recorded an interview with one of my mentors Joe Greenland about energy clearing, healing, connection to ourselves, and what actually happens during a session of energy clearing. As the connection to other realms of existence is getting stronger and people are opening up, we need help and wisdom from people who have experiences … Read more

Somewhere Else

Most people want to be somewhere else or in a different position than they are currently in. Especially when they are younger. You achieve a dream or goal of Yours, and the next moment You are already striving for something else. The problem in this conundrum is when You start to judge the place You … Read more

Fighting For Your Own Survival

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash Potential trigger warning for this post. It might bring up difficult feelings and emotions, thoughts. My intention for this post is not to make anyone uncomfortable. It is to help someone who is going through something I’ve gone through. As the title states, I’ve had to fight for my own survival. Not … Read more

The Constant Rebirth Or Living With Pluto In The First House

Image source: Having this placement in Your birth chart literally feels like constant dying and rebirth. You are either in the process of dying or being reborn. Which from my own personal experience can be quite challenging. To understand this better we must understand what the 1st house in astrology represents. The 1st house in … Read more