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Most people are so scared, have so much fear of the unknown, or in other words, like their comfort zones so much, that You can tell them and convince them of almost anything that seems to threaten that comfort.

So, for example, You can convince them that going to war in a foreign country is a good idea. Giving them a reason that it is threatening their “good time”.

We have become sedated to such an extent, that we have lost the ability to think logically about anything.

Our thought process is as follows:

When it brings us more comfort, pleasure and numbing = good.

When it brings us challenges and growth = bad.

This is not true.

The human mind is conditioned to keep us safe. And that is a good function sometimes, in moderation.

But if You take it to extremes You get PC culture, a society that is driven by comfort, and the suppression of what is (sometimes pain).

Not everything in this life is pleasant, safe or even comfortable.

If we want change it’s going to be uncomfortable, for a while.

The thing with this life is that it doesn’t like extremes. It will bring a counterforce to battle extremes every time.

This means that if we are going for too much safety, comfort, pleasure (all these things are good in moderation), feeling good all the time, life comes in and challenges us.

We are going to face great challenges ahead, things have been suppressed for a very long time by a lot of people.

This means that these emotions, pain, fear, etc are going to come out.

Sometimes through conflict, sometimes in other ways. Like control and power. And then the fight against that power.

Next years are going to be intense, aggressive, and then healing will come through this.

But it’s going to be uncomfortable. Better to be prepared for this.

Ian Altosaar

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