How my ex convinced me I’m a narcissist and how she was wrong – hard lessons in self-love and emotional maturity

This a cautionary tale for people who are diagnosing others with narcissism. And for people who are truly suffering in abusive situations and doing their best to gather emotional maturity. I see a lot of people giving this diagnosis out left and right, in groups, online, in YouTube video comments, etc. I was recently personally … Read more

“I’ve had too much sex with too many men”

An excerpt from a session with the Freedom Astrologer. With permission to share from the participant. “Are You afraid that You are a slut?” I asked. She was quiet but the uncomfortable sensation was rising. “Yes” she replied after a tiny pause. “So, You didn’t enjoy any of the events that led You to believe … Read more

Vulnerability with the Self – telling Yourself the truth about Yourself

Being vulnerable with others is talked about a lot but not vulnerability with the Self. We bullshit ourselves more than we even know. Constantly, daily, every minute… “I’m doing this job because I like the security and safety it provides for me.” “I’m in this relationship because we have the kids and I feel comfortable … Read more

“If I don’t have money/possessions I’m not lovable!” Beliefs about money revealed with astrology

Working on projects that You don’t really like just for financial reasons? Over working Yourself to the ground? Tired, unhappy, and empty inside no matter how much money or possessions You have? There’s a high probability that You have a hidden belief within Your consciousness that is keeping You stuck in constant fear. In this … Read more

Who and what are Gatekeepers? And how mastering them can benefit You in life?

Every time You get a “big” career opportunity You sabotage Yourself by thinking of bullshit excuses why You can’t do it? A romantic interest finally presents itself and wants to take things further, and You panic, think of some reasons why they are not “right for You”? All the while being jealous of others for … Read more

Hiding Your Gifts For Survival – Are You Who You Truly Want to Be? Natal chart example

Feeling like You live someone else’s life? Something seems to be wrong but can’t really put Your finger on it? Chances are You took on someone else’s identity during early childhood and in order to survive, decided to conform. How can You come out of this and how can astrology help? I share my insights … Read more

Are You scared of people eating Your food? – Venus, Moon, Pluto in Scorpio

Get triggered every time someone eats “the thing You really wanted to eat”? Need to “control the fridge”? Eat fast and rapidly because “You are afraid someone else will come and eat it”? You might be re-experiencing childhood trauma again and again. In this deeper video, I dissect a real-life story of a person I … Read more

Material Possessions and Defining Yourself Through Them – Scorpio stellium (with Venus)

A person came to me scared about their material things/possessions. It had gotten so bad that they didn’t want to have people over because they were afraid that they will abuse their apartment and valuables. And they will get broken = lose it’s value. They were also yelling and screaming at their spouse because whenever … Read more