Good Deeds

Image source: Photo by Frida Aguilar Estrada on Unsplash

And wonderings
Make it seem clearer

What doesn’t come nearer
Is the end
It is always here, my dear

What about the psychosis of mankind?
Is the end near?
Hopefully, it will soon be clear

What’s it all about
For You
And for Me

Hear me out
Before You rout
Your mind is in doubt

And it’s not
It’s clear
Clear as the rainbows that seem so near

So the truth
Is a funny concept
Looking at from space

Take what You can get from it
Leave what You don’t need
Hopefully, You’ll be

Singing songs in between
Life and death
And everything will seem
Worth Your while
As You catch the morning sun
Shining through Your teeth

Faithfully Yours in my heart

Ian Altosaar

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