How Aspects Work = A Mini-Lesson in Astrology

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For those new to astrology and learning aspects, I put together a practical example of how these things can work and manifest in the real world.

How aspects work — a mini-lesson in astrology and a thread. Using Sun in the 11th house natally and Saturn transiting the 5th house. Thus, sending a hard aspect or an opposition to the native’s Sun.

The point of this thread is to show to those who don’t know how aspects work how astrology is not woo-woo all the time and it can be quite practical in Your day-to-day life. It’s more than a science than anything else.

Important to know at least some of the meanings of the houses, signs, and planets to be able to understand it but I will also share some in this thread.

When Saturn sends a difficult aspect it usually brings more of the harder or problematic things associated with the planet. Like blockages, delays, restrictions, too many duties and responsibilities. As well as the aversion to deal with these matters.

In this case, it is aspecting the Sun in the native’s chart, it’s all about work, career, creative expression, fun, and children. The ability to put their creative expression out into the world and create material things.

In this specific case, the meeting is also happening in the 11th house, which is a lot to do with long-term goals, social and economic goals, long-term projects, groups of people, friends, and material gains. Just to name a few. As well as the 5th house which is the natural house of the Sun so we mentioned already the creative side, children, fun, hobbies. But I think the lesser-known fact here is that because it is associated with the Sun and our unique expression, even something that we are best at, then the 5th house always ties into our business, work, career. Something that we decide to create ourselves in the world. Which very often is our creative expression which then can turn into a business.

How can this look like in the real and practical world?

The native had a child just when the aspect was becoming exact = more duties and responsibilities with the child that blocked the person’s ability to create things in the real world, or in their career.

This lead to some aversion, frustration = the person at times felt annoyed by the blockages.

At the same time expansion in the business happened before in result of other transits bringing lots of duties and responsibilities in regard to working towards their goals. Which again at times felt like too much of a burden = the person found themselves under a mountain of duties and work. Again, working towards long-term goals.

Furthermore, we must also remember the fun part always with the Sun and 5th house, we can add our life force (the Sun). The person felt tired and unmotivated at times, hard to deal with the duties and responsibilities (opposition is mostly an aversion, contrary trine the person would accept these duties more easily). And couldn’t find anything enjoyable in the world to do for fun. Everything seemed dull and grey (Saturn). Didn’t bring them any fun (fun blocked by Saturn).

Some practical things to do with this:

1. Need to do small efforts each day. Still move towards Your goals. But Saturn can deflate Your energy, use it in small doses but daily working towards Your dreams, projects.

2. Fun can seem like a routine and it will for a time. Find moments, even small moments daily to do something fun. Organize Your fun and creative projects and do them in small doses = really helps with this.

3. If it manifests as a child = build solid routines where You spend small amounts of dedicated time with them. Take breaks if You can and if You have a spouse, divide some duties. One lets the other do their thing, while the other takes care of the child etc.

4. Go back to some of the old (Saturn) ways You used to have fun. Ground some of that Saturn energy.

5. Accept the fact that You are going to feel stuck for a moment in time. Especially when Saturn gets to around 1–2 degrees of Your Sun. 3–4 is already felt less. Can feel it coming in from 3–4, gets stronger from 1–2.

I hope You enjoyed this short lesson in practical astrology and can see that astrology is not only chakras, energies, etc. but it can be used to make Your challenges in Your daily life a bit easier.

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  1. Fun is essential to self-care isn\’t it, especially in those heavier times in life. Like when life gives the ultimate reality check. It\’s the chance to really, really slow down, and make every breath mean more. Creative combinations make the best use of time. Dancing to loud music while making food or cleaning the kitchen is a good one. Singing while vacuuming is a works too, because it covers your voice. Grocery shopping is an adventure, fixing the leaky faucet a hero\’s journey. If it\’s around the time of the solar return you might even do better than that.


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