Make it simple = an easy way to create more purpose in Your life through astrology

One of the things I constantly see is people grasping for more difficult and “advanced” techniques. In all areas of life but also in astrology. Without really looking and using the simple things that are right there for us to use.

Purpose and meaning in life is a big theme for many. Some have given up and said there’s none, most try to find it through gurus and teachers = for them to bring it to them. Others, drugs, sex, alcohol, parties, entertainment, attention from the outside. Just to name a few.

To summarize shortly, it is a huge area of suffering for most. “How can I find more meaning?” “What can I do to find more meaning?” “Please just someone tell me how to find more meaning and purpose in life?”

It’s been made into a very big and special thing = always out of reach for most. It’s not that difficult or hard. It’s actually quite simple. Yet, when You don’t use it or do it (take action with it) it becomes seemingly impossible to grasp.

Just go to Your chart, check what is in the 9th house by sign, cusp, and planet = and just do those activities. Better yet, weave these activities into Your career, work or creative projects. Your purpose and meaning will immediately increase.

And/or look for where (which house) Sagittarius or Jupiter is in = and do those activities associated with these houses. Again, will dramatically increase Your meaning and purpose in life. Remember, just do it as well. And keep coming back to these activities when things seem extremely heavy, or heavier.

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