I Must Wake

Image source: Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash

I want to fight it
But it keeps on growing
I want to surrender to it
But I find myself moaning

Gut-wrenching fear
Is percolating in my presence
I feel like a sad boy
Seems like the man I once was
Is a memory I cannot claim right now

What to do?
Where to reclaim my power?
What pain yet to feel?
This all seems like a slippery eel

The mind takes a hold
A grip that takes it’s toll
My body is breaking down
And I don’t know how long
This is going to take

Dear God
I must wake
From this slumber, I currently remain
Give me the courage to move on from past mistakes
Help me find the answers I currently seek
Dear God
I need Your help
I just don’t know anymore
The answers I once had
Are no longer the fad
Dear God
I seek Your guidance and support in this

Your true friend

Ian Altosaar

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