I Must Wake

Image source: Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash I want to fight it But it keeps on growing I want to surrender to it But I find myself moaning Gut-wrenching fear Is percolating in my presence I feel like a sad boy Seems like the man I once was Is a memory I cannot claim right now What to … Read more

There Are Deeper Places

Image source: Photo by Jorge Garcia on Unsplash Rest assured This road has been an arduous one So much so I’m shaken to my very core There is so much darkness within the light That it surrounds me What to believe, where to seek? Only one true place for this to be There are deeper places A mixture of … Read more

A Sense Of Clarity

Image source: Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash A sense of newfound clarity Moving through me With certainty This is what freedom feels like Freedom from myself From the limits of my mind My learned beliefs A new desire to move on, to create To be of service, to do Sharing with people that I care And hopefully, watch … Read more