I Sometimes

I sometimes wonder
Ponder the questions
Some have called utopian wonders

Do we wander
This earthly plane
Without even knowing each other’s names?

Is this experience as cold as it seems?
With empty and shallow memes?
It can’t be, I’ve seen pastures so green
That it will make me believe

Reasoning with this reality
Has never given me the vitality
I believe I need

Can it be something new entirely?
Although admiring
A pretty little lass can be just as inspiring
As watching change in the world transpiring

So what’s the solution?
Be a leader in this pollution?
And then what?
See the meaningless behind that

Nothing outside of Yourself will give You what You lack inside
It’s like a pill to postpone the inevitable
A deeper knowing of thyself

Just a reminder
While doing that
Know that Your material life requires Your attention as well
Be in both worlds and then tell
The story, in all Your glory

Ian Altosaar

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