In The Endeavours Of Everyday Life

Image source: Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

Dear God
Who am I?
Who am I really?

Do demons and angels all look alike?
I have a sense that they might
There is darkness in each of our light

The emptiness I feel
Is equal to the fullness and richness
I have experienced

How can one expect
The full attention
From an empty space?

There is much filling to be made
Internal filling
Of character and intellect
Love and the purity of source

There is yet power to be reclaimed
The power of the holy trinity
Mind, body, and soul
This power has to be redefined
And purified
Either in the depths of hell and darkness
Or the light and heavens

There is, fortunately, the third option
It can be cleansed
In the endeavors of everyday life
The simplicity and mundane
Could be Your teacher

Ian Altosaar

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