Lineage energies

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I want to talk about something I’ve been watching lately in my own life and the lives of others. Lineage energies.

What do I define as lineage energies? Energies that have been in a specific family’s dynamics for generations. I’ll give You a couple of examples.

Let’s say Your great-great-grandfather was learning a new skill way back in the day. A good example from that time would be plowing the fields. Now picture this. He is very young, innocent and malleable. Full of excitement and the desire to learn. He picks up the plow and gives his best. He doesn’t quite get it at first. Enter his father. He scolds the little boy for not doing a good job with a closed heart (not considering the fact that it’s his first time doing this.) Now the little boy is sensitive, he can feel his father’s heart is closed. He is afraid, scared of losing the love of his father. If that very situation repeats itself for a couple of times the young boy might develop a belief. A belief that in order to receive love he has to be perfect and if he doesn’t know how to do something he is not good enough or worthy of love. At that young age he doesn’t yet have the mental capacity to understand that it’s not about him and it’s his father’s lack of awareness and compassion towards himself.

Now fast forward a couple of decades. That cycle has repeated itself now many times, with women, work and while learning new skills (he might be even scared to learn something new, it’s hard to say exactly how this energy will play out.) Let’s imagine he has a son, exactly as innocent and sensitive as he is. I want to add another variable into the mix. He hasn’t taken the time or the resources haven’t been available to him to address the painful pattern developed in his childhood. Now the pattern repeats with his son. And his and his etc. Now we have what I call a lineage belief (energy.) This can run rampant really quickly if not addressed properly.

I want to give another example of this. Let’s say Your great-great-grandmother was waiting for his father after school to pick her up. Or even better yet, kindergarten. For some reason the father doesn’t show up. The young girl is sad, there’s a lot of pain with no one to address it with. That same scenario repeats itself until the little girl develops a belief that men can’t be trusted (again it’s really hard in that age to have the mental capacity to say to Yourself that it’s not about me and at the same time feel the pain, sadness, grief.) And if You trust a man it will bring You pain and sadness. That belief will show up in every relationship with men she will from now on have. She will start controlling the men she is in romantic relationships with. As well as her sons. All because she isn’t willing to feel that pain underneath.

This all sets the stage perfectly for a karmic relationship. The name sounds a bit dramatic but I believe it suits well for the dynamic I’m about to describe.

Let’s take that young boy who believes he is not good enough and the young girl who deep down believes men can’t be trusted (seems like a match made in heaven to me.) Every time the boy who has now grown up starts doing something, learning something new, it triggers the wound of that young girl inside the now grown woman (men can’t be trusted etc.) She in turn will now start controlling the man which will trigger the not good enough, afraid of losing love wound in that small boy, inside that grown man. The situation will blow up and without enough self awareness, they wont know what hit them.

In addition, these types of energies might show up differently and in a variety of ways. I now hope You have a better understanding where some of those patterns in Your own life might be coming from.

Ian Altosaar

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