Living Deeply

Image source: Photo by invisiblepower from Pexels

Very often making changes takes time
Can we find time for ourselves in it as well?
Moving towards the direction of something we want
Requires time regardless

Hopefully, there will be a moment in time
Where all that we have learned is required of us
This can happen many times
And come to think of it
Everything we learn is constantly asked of us
In the next moments in time

This can sometimes be annoying
It may seem like a lot is at stake
And it is
But at the same time even if we fail there will be more chances in the near future to redeem ourselves
Or even many other lifetimes to give it another go

Regardless of that
Still, do Your best
Work towards something that will give more meaning to this existence
Find others who are working towards similar endeavors
Form community and brotherhood
Grow, sing songs and learn from this ever-expanding experience of ours

Learn to commune with nature in Your own particular way
This will give You a sense of connection to something other than Yourself
And at the same time an even deeper knowing of Thyself

Become and work towards becoming fluent in something
Be it a language, art, work, relationships
This will help You in getting up in the morning
A sense of purpose
Moving towards something that seems important will give importance to Your own life

Love as much as You can
This is the hardest part
People seem stupid sometimes, even ignorant
And they are
But learn to love other parts of them
Shine a light for them to be pulled towards
Hopefully, they will one day learn to love as well
And to think

Treat others with the respect that they so desperately deserve
There’s a dire need for it in the world
Do Your best and I will see You on the other side
I will do my best as well
Hopefully, we will meet somewhere in a galaxy far far away

Ian Altosaar

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