Material Possessions and Defining Yourself Through Them – Scorpio stellium (with Venus)

A person came to me scared about their material things/possessions. It had gotten so bad that they didn’t want to have people over because they were afraid that they will abuse their apartment and valuables. And they will get broken = lose it’s value.

They were also yelling and screaming at their spouse because whenever the spouse accidentally hit a lamp or possession at home, the fear triggered again.

After observing and dissecting the belief, it turned out that the person experienced extreme neglect from the father. The father gave money to the person but never time or emotional closeness.

This turned into a habit that led the person to shop and buy things instead of love = material things turned into love. If my “love” is broken or hurt (the material things) I will lose love. (I’m not lovable and I don’t have love if things get lost, broken, or someone takes them.)

This person was actually yearning for more emotional love and closeness with their father, and had to do with material things instead = that became substitutes for the father’s attention and love. This is the real reason it hurt and triggered them so badly every time someone hurt their possessions.

The solution is to understand the deeper reasons and then give Yourself the love and attention that You seek. Also share it with Your loved ones, and spend more quality time with them instead of buying more material possessions. Buying these will give the temporary feel of “getting and having love” but it will never substitute the attention and love that You will be able to give Yourself.

Or if You are a parent, the things will never substitute Your attention and love that You can give them. As well as presence.

More in the video!

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