The Soul Connection Duo Podcast

I just can’t stop podcasting or going on other people’s podcasts… I visited the Soul Connection Duo, ladies who know a bunch about suffering themselves. We talked about astrology, suffering, what’s still to come during the rest of 2022, and much more. Here’s what they had to say about the episode: Ian shares his story … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Imperfectly perfect present moment + Mercury Retrograde predictions for Signs!

In this week’s episode: Mercury retrograde rapid fire predictions for the signs! The perfect week. Finding perfection in imperfection. Living and understanding spiritual clichés. Calling back Your soul pieces. Disassociating with alcohol. “Jesus did it!” Feeling irrelevant in Your 30s. Led Zeppelin and other musical references. Ian Altosaar The Freedom Astrologer Link to purchase a … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Letting go + Predictions for each Astrological Sign!

In this week’s episode: Solar eclipse in Taurus and Pluto retrograde predictions for each astrological sign. Letting go of things that no longer serve us (eclipses are perfect for that). How long do we choose to suffer? Making practical decisions to stop. “Quick fixes” to growth and pain. Ian Altosaar The Freedom Astrologer Link to … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Weekly Astro/Intuitive Overview for March 13 – March 19, 2022

In this week’s episode: How to get over the fear of being cheated on or jealousy – Ian shares a personal practice. Energies of the week and how we can use them? How to be professionally supportive of people in the same industry without feeling the fear of “I don’t have enough”. Mercedes opens up … Read more

The Cosmic Adults Season 1 Episode 1

Confused about life and Your sensitivity? Curious about what energy is and how we can use it? Or even asking more practical things like, why do I feel like this during this specific day? And totally different during others? We started the Cosmic Adults podcast with my good friend Mercedes to answer all of those … Read more

Mystical Money Machine Radio episode 3 – Transformational Investing

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash I recorded another episode for the Mystical Money Machine Radio. Episode number 3! This week’s episode is about a different type of investing, transformational investing.We can do all the right moves financially and still not feel full or whole as a being. This episode is about those other types of investments that … Read more

Money Management for Muggles

Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas on Unsplash Yesterday I sat down with Mr. Carl Munson again, it’s becoming a habit. And a good one at that. This time we talked about 3 keys to better money management and what it’s actually about on a deeper level. This episode is called „Money Management for Muggles. “ Enjoy! The second … Read more

Astrology Wednesday

Yesterday I sat down with Mr. Carl Munson for his New Stories podcast. We spent about 30 minutes talking why money and astrology, why would anyone combine the two and how we can benefit from it. We also touched upon the fact that nothing can actually be the silver bullet for us (not even astrology), … Read more