#3 – Interview with Joe Greenland – Finding forgiveness #podcast #spirituality

From his uncle trying to drown him 9 times during one summer, to finding forgiveness towards those who wronged him, Joe Greenland stopped by the Cosmic Adults again to drop some harsh realities from life itself. This episode was intense, just the way we like it! Some other themes from this week’s episode: Your energy … Read more

1# – Interview with Pam Rader – Gradually Letting Go of Control

In this week’s episode: Saying Yes first  = then figuring out the “How?” Bridging worlds = the spiritual and material, are they even different? How to let go of controlling EVERYTHING? Being vigilant with routines – doing the work = simple yet hard to do Sniffing spiritual cocaine = how wanting to feel only good … Read more

The Soul Connection Duo Podcast

I just can’t stop podcasting or going on other people’s podcasts… I visited the Soul Connection Duo, ladies who know a bunch about suffering themselves. We talked about astrology, suffering, what’s still to come during the rest of 2022, and much more. Here’s what they had to say about the episode: Ian shares his story … Read more

Interview with Jackie Steiner – Taking the 24/7 spiritual hustle too far + Jupiter Retrograde predictions!

In this week’s episode: Bringing Yourself back into Your body. Qigong – why is it good? Being in and with nature – something worth doing? Taking the 24/7 spiritual hustle too far – blacking out and losing consciousness stories. Learning through extremes – is there a better way? Moving the body to release energy. Being … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Are You even spiritual bruh? Astrological and intuitive predictions!

In this week’s episode: Being “spiritual” – what is it, how to be it? Do I need a djembe drum or crystals? Or maybe not.. Taking Your “spirituality” and yoga poses to the streets of life and actually living it. How do the Cosmic Adults work with each other? As well as others. Being there … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Do you know when to let go?? Saturn Rx predictions for ALL signs!

In this week’s episode: How to know when to let go? When to put up firm boundaries? What voice do I listen to? The mind or the inner knowing? Developing gifts though trauma. A story of cheating, knowing about it, and getting the proof! When have You finally had enough? When Your intuition is giving … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Curious Questions with Cindy AKA “The Cosmic Mom”

In this week’s episode: Cosmic Mom, the origin story. How to ask the best questions from the Universe? And Yourself? How to let go, surrender, transform, and trust? Mercury retrograde manifestations in real life. What type of environment is needed for growth? Letting go of the past and coming into the present moment. Taking responsibility … Read more