Opening Up Trust

Image source: Photo by Jonathan Klok on Unsplash Sometimes the pain I feel is hidden in the not knowing of it. So, for example, the minute I realize what is happening within myself, ease follows. As I question what is happening around me, answers will come. The good thing about this is that there is always help available for … Read more

The City Life

Image source: Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash The City life has it’s place Certainly among the greats But I know a place Which lives and breathes at a different pace So rich with trees, fields and space Everything I believe in, it fills with grace The warm embrace Comes late on the trails of fresh hey runs It … Read more

The Calling

Image source: Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash Into the woods My heart calls My body yearns My love for the land grows My calling awaits The land gives and takes The cycle of life Can be felt inside To know the land so intimately Is to be aware of Yourself To great extent Life can be safe Ian … Read more


Image source: Sometimes it’s cold during winter time Sometimes it’s so during summer Now this is not the surprise I’m going for There are many things that need to be more thoroughly understood Like the moon and the skies Why people say goodbyes When they don’t need to Life can sometimes be in disguise Hurry … Read more

That Time When I Felt God For The First Time

Image source: Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels I sit with myself and it’s quiet I like the silence Connecting me to myself I remember the murmur of the trees The wind in my blonde hair Running towards the setting sun It all felt complete, everything seemed so sweet The feeling washed over me … Read more

Nature’s Side

Image source: After taking the time Some words that rhyme Will find their place Upon life’s greatest stage Rest and take a break From time to time This will put things into perspective From that place, You can be more selective Susceptible to some Respected by others The homes of forefathers Should be cherished … Read more

The Sweet Whispers of Winter

Image source: As the quietness of the winter descends It’s a good time to look within To see if something speaks to You more loudly A rowdy thought perhaps? Not to say that this is the only time to ponder what torments the soul Oh no But when the outer world slows down The inner … Read more

The Fountain

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Valgamaa, Tsirguliina. A New kingdom will rise From the disguise Of the old kingdom’s demise Because in truth, nature cannot hide All the ways we spend our days Avoiding our pain The pictures we take Of babies not yet awake Instead In the warmth of each other’s embrace We … Read more

On The Edge of Somewhere

Image source: Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village. To sit on the edge of somewhere In the great unknown Is a terrifying place to be Scary as hell, one might even say But this is the only things that really exists Being on the edge of something new Waiting and yearning for completion And when it arrives … Read more

A Quiet Affair

Image source: Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village. A quiet affair Life sometimes is I’m called to sit and feel More than Run around and peel The layers from my needs Sitting feels healthy I can again notice the quietness It speaks so loudly to my soul Seems like I’m becoming more whole As if side by … Read more