Sabotaging Yourself in relationships? In career?

As soon as an opportunity presents itself, You go straight into fear or trauma reactions? And end up making up excuses for Yourself and others why “You can’t do it”?

That nice dude or dudette asks You out = You freeze and come up with an “white lie”?

Someone in the industry comes and offers You an opportunity = fear of not being good enough grips You by the balls (or lady balls/parts) and You turn it down?

Taking low-balled offers when You deep down know that You are worth more than that?

A lot of people think they want something, and as soon as it presents itself = all of their fears come out to play and they reject the opportunity.

In this video, I share some astrological configurations and what to do if You find Yourself in these situations and You would like to change them.

Ian Altosaar

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