Pluto Square SUN In The Birth Chart. How You Lost Your POWER? And How To Reclaim it?

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In this article, I will dissect the meaning of the Pluto square Sun aspect in a person’s natal chart.

This is a difficult aspect with a lot of potential for personal transformation and finding Your own power.

Unfortunately, this also means that somewhere in Your past, Your power was taken from You.

Living with this aspect without being fully aware of what it means and how it can play out in Your day to day life can be difficult.

First, we need to understand what Sun and Pluto represent in our reality to have a better grasp of this aspect.

Sun is our free will. Our creative intelligence, our life force. It also represents the father in our birth chart.

Or mother if the mother played the father role in our lives. Maybe parents got divorced, maybe one of the parents died early in a person’s life, etc. Masculine and father figures in our lives.

It is also the I AM. Meaning, who You are and who You identify Yourself as.

It also represents what You desire to create in this world materially, where You want to put Your creator energy.

Among many other things it represents. But for the sake of this article, I believe I have mentioned enough.

And now Pluto.

Pluto is transformation, power, deep things, our subconscious, deep power, death, power over others (negative manifestation), control, sex, deep sex, occult matters, etc.

The square aspect is very often some type of wound that was given to us. Some type of struggle or unpleasant event we experienced. And it often talks about us needing to take action to change the situation. But it usually comes through things that are inconvenient for us to live through. Or in other words, something that we don’t like happens in our lives.

And this pushes us into taking action to change the situation. I believe this is the very gist of the square aspect.

And in this case, this has a lot to do with our personal power (Pluto) to create materially and physically (The Sun) in the world.

Somewhere along Your lifepath, Your power was taken away from You. Or even Your father (or father figure) was taken away.

The importance of this is deep. And we must understand how extremely important it is for a child to have a father figure in their lives.

The father often represents the creator inside of us. He is the first role model we have that will show us how to create things in the material world. How to put Your ideas into material form.

He also has the difficult job of inserting us with his creative intelligence, confidence, and a sense of I AM.

Teaching us the power of will, among other things.

Now knowing all of this we can start to have glimpses of what this aspect truly means.

Imagine having all of this taken away from You? Where does this leave You in Your life? As a man or a woman?

With a huge feeling of powerlessness. Ideas like “I can’t do this. Who am I to do these things? I don’t have the power to do this.” Or not being able to or even being afraid to voice Your opinion to men. As well as attracting men who want control over You and have control issues themselves.

In general, huge disbelief in Yourself and Your capabilities. In extreme cases, when not dealt with this, it can also lead to wanting power over others, manipulating people to have power over them, etc. Just because You don’t have the power within Yourself.

The first part of Your life can be extremely difficult because You lack all of these things within Yourself.

This is where the transformation part comes in. Or Pluto.

This wound will carry over into Your adult life. And now years later it will rear it’s ugly head at work, at a social event, university, or at a spiritual retreat.

You will have a power struggle with a mentor/father figure, that can leave You feeling powerless. Because it is already inside of You.

A big part of this aspect is to transform this emptiness and pain inside. And to start filling Yourself up with that power.

Rebuilding what was not put into You.

This is a difficult journey that has the potential to give the native tremendous personal power later in life.

A very important part of this is to look at Your relationship with Your father.

Was it there? What was it like? Do You even know him? Do You want to know him? If he was there, did he do all of the things required of him?

These are difficult questions to answer but have the potential to reveal some of the places You can reclaim Your power. Especially with men in Your life.

This position in a natal chart can also show the potential of power struggles with authority figures, men wanting power over You, etc.

But these are also coming from Your sense of powerlessness deep within Yourself. And can usually be traced back to childhood.

So, the solution is to look at Your relationship with Your father/or male role models growing up. And Your relationship with power.

And in the very end, to reclaim it.

Happy soul searching.

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