Somewhere Else

Most people want to be somewhere else or in a different position than they are currently in.

Especially when they are younger.

You achieve a dream or goal of Yours, and the next moment You are already striving for something else.

The problem in this conundrum is when You start to judge the place You are in as “bad” or as unwanted.

This is where suffering creeps in.

Denying and/or resisting what is creates suffering. Acceptance allows You to see the situation as it is and start to consider Your next steps. Even if it’s seeing that You are pissed off by how things are. At least now You know that You are angry about something.

Within that seemingly passive action of accepting “all there is”, this also includes accepting the fact that You are annoyed by being there and want to be somewhere else, a new way of being can start to emerge.

Your suffering will start to make sense, and it might even seem necessary from the perspective of Your growth as a human being.

We rest in flow and grow with challenge.

Use both times for what they are.

Ian Altosaar

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