Sweet Purification of Lightning

Image source: Photo by Nastasia from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/nature-sky-sunset-the-mountains-66997/

A gentle breeze of common sense
Whisks by
Catch it if You can

The purification of thought
Or being stern with stupidity and habit
Is necessary

Just think
And feel
Easier said than done

And repeat
Then You will have Your feat

Get intrigued
By at least something
That trickles Your fancy

Lay a glance
In the sky
Yes, that’s the thing there way up high

My oh my
What turbulent times
When kindness is hard to find

Sigh of relief
When it comes
Out of hiding

Keep on riding
The good fight

Sweet purification of lightning
On occasion frightening
Life on this planet almighty

Ian Altosaar

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